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The APC Packers Jersey Contest - Week 2

Here's the Week 1 post. Plusch is in the lead with 35 points, and the complete standings are after the jump. If you missed entering last week, go ahead and enter this week. With the holidays coming up, I'm certain some of the current leaders will forget to enter each week. Plus I'm going to make the 10 point bonus questions easier as the month goes on, which should make it easier to catch up. 

For the 4 games in December, I'm giving away an Acme Packers jersey from the Packers Pro Shop to the contestant with the highest cumulative score. 

Here's how the scoring works. Each entry is worth up to 40 points. Guessing the teams' score is worth 10 points/team and -1 for each point it's off. Any question that is guessing about a player (just enter the player's last name) is worth 10 points if you are correct, 0 otherwise.

Here's how you can enter. In the comments, answer the following questions:

  1. The Packers final score.
  2. The Bears final score.
  3. Which player from either team will have the first INT of the game?
  4. Which player from either team will score the first TD of the game?

And make sure the email address you've provided when you registered your user name is correct so I can contact the winner. Good luck.


Plusch 35
BillJ 27
werner1 27
Zorakathura 26
NoahJ 26
Superelkman 26
dc_allday 26
minipacker08 26
dchoubak 24
PackApologist 24
BleedsbluinMI 24
cmadler 24
Tim V 23
turd 23
AdamA 21
jglowack 20
bizzle4 20
Hoosier Cheesehead 17
cheddarhead 16
LoungeFly 16
Packer Logician 16
sdsowlsa 16
Danwood 16
Old World Flavor 15
Dkmanty 14
BenSheets15 14
Juicelaw 14
TrevorR 14
rudi 14
MitchH 13
Bush League All Star 13
RangerSmurf 12
texwestern 11
vitaminx 11
Strohman 10
FoulJack 9
packallday555 9
BlazerFN 9
Hyatt 9
Troy J. 6
Ghostfoo 3
Brewcityhoya13 3
Raven 0