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Around SB Nation: Week 14 NFL Rankings, Picks, and Fantasy

The SB Nation Week 14 power rankings have moved the Green Bay Packers up to No. 8, which is ahead of two 8-4 teams (Broncos and Cowboys), but still behind two others (Eagles and Cardinals). Is that fair? Or should they be ahead of the Eagles and Cardinals too? It's hard to put them higher than No. 6, since the No. 4 and No. 5 teams have both beaten them this season (Vikings and Bengals).

The NFL SB Nation writers are already 0-1 with our Week 14 picks because the Browns beat the Steelers. Will any other coaches threaten to lock their players out of their locker room if they don't go back out and win? Coaches who do so are currently unbeaten this season. Not surprising, our consensus decision was that the Packers will win.

And check out our suggestions for last minute changes to your Week 14 fantasy roster. Though, I'll admit I'm having a hard time recommending any Packer from week to week except for QB Aaron Rodgers. With WR Greg Jennings staying out of the end zone this season, any of a number of Packers could have a big game (such as TE Jermichael Finley last week). But you never know which one it will be. He was a non-factor the last two weeks, but could this be a good week for RB Ryan Grant?