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Analysis: Eagles Over The Giants, 45-38

I just finished watching the Eagles victory over the Giants by a final score of 45-38. The most important thing is just to win the game, but this can't be a game the Eagles feel great about.

QB Eli Manning torched them for 391 yards and 3 TDs (though his 2 fumbles hurt). But even on those turnovers, the Eagles can't expect to recover 4 fumbles every week. There is an element of luck that the loose balls bounce your way. Also, the Eagles had some awful tackling in the game, and it ended with one of their star defensive players getting ejected from the game for throwing a punch. But at least that foul shouldn't hurt the Eagles on the field because if Cowboys LT Flozell Adams wasn't suspended, I can't imagine Eagles DE Trent Cole would be.

As far as the Packers' playoff picture, having the Eagles move into the division lead means that the Packers are now the highest seed wild card team. Two teams would have to overtake them, most likely the Cowboys and Giants, which seems unlikely with only 3 games remaining. It could lead to an interesting two week schedule with the Packers traveling to Arizona for week 17, and then back again for the first round of the playoffs.