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Johnny Jolly Charged With Felony Possession

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If you haven't heard about the charges against Green Bay Packers' DE Johnny Jolly, they've been ongoing since July 2008. The charges were delayed back in July 2009 because the Houston police department was having problems with a new machine to measure the amount of codeine in water (ahh...the things I get to write about). So it's no surprise that the charges have been refiled. I have no idea how this might effect him this season.

If he does miss time this season due to these charges, it would hurt their depth, but it would not be a critical loss. NT Ryan Pickett should return next week from his hamstring injury, and DE B.J. Raji and DE Cullen Jenkins were both able to play last week. DE Jarius Wynn would probably become the top backup, but if defensive coordinator keeps playing the Psycho defense (1 lineman, 5 LBs, and 5 DBs) they would have plenty of defensive lineman available. Jolly has played well this season, but as the roster currently stands, they would be fine in his absence.