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A Warrant Issued For Jolly; Packers Sign D.J. Clark

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I'll have the Green Bay Packers jersey contest up either tonight or tomorrow morning, along with a preview of the upcoming game against the Steelers.

So DE Johnny Jolly's legal problems are a little complex. According to Greg Bedard, he could be detained on a Harris County (Texas) warrant if he's detained anywhere. He's not worried about it, so I guess we shouldn't be either, from Greg Bedard:

"I just heard about it last night," Jolly said. "I'm just going to let my lawyer take care of whatever."

Jolly said his legal situation won't be a distraction.

"I can't let that come in between what's going on with this team," he said. "It's difficult but I have to still look forward. I don't want it to be a distraction to me or my teammates."

After they made some room on the practice squad by elevating WR Patrick Williams to the active roster (I goofed yesterday and counted wrong: he's only the No. 5 (not 6) WR on the active roster), they signed CB D.J. Clark to fill their empty spot on the practice squad. From NFL Draft Scout, Clark is a tall (6'1") defensive back who played a lot of football (45 starts) in college. He was in camp this year for the Panthers, but "he hasn't done anything to warrant a serious look." It doesn't sound like he's likely to stick with the team for long.