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Updated Preview: Green Bay Packers at Steelers

One thing I didn't address in my earlier preview was the weather. It's looking like it will snow, and I'm not sure how that massive storm will effect the game. It's could be worse in Baltimore where it might prevent the Bears from even making it to the game. The biggest impact will be in the passing game. No matter how much it snows, it's going to effect both QBs accuracy down the field. Both teams are very good at stopping the run so it's unlikely the bad weather would give either team an advantage there. If the weather is bad, I'd expect it will be a very close, low scoring game.

Also, on the Packers are underdogs (Steelers by 1) for the first time since November 15th vs. the Cowboys.

The SB Nation football writers have the Packers ranked No. 6 in the Week 15 Power Rankings. I've been surprised we haven't ranked the Packers higher the last few weeks, but this week I think they are ranked too high. They've now moved ahead of No. 7 Cincinnati, and the Bengals should still be ranked ahead of the Packers because they have the same record and won the head-to-head matchup. Though I committed the same error when I voted earlier this week because the Bengals haven't looked impressive lately, and have only outscored their opponents by 47 points overall (the Packers have outscored their opponents by 101).

Looking for any last minute fantasy tips? Check out the SB Nation Fantasy Football team reports. Though it looks like you should just go ahead and start anyone not playing on the East coast. That winter storm is going to kill a lot of fantasy teams this week.

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