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Packers: Tuesday Practice and No. 1 Ranked Defense

There was not a lot going on during the Green Bay Packers first practice since their game against the Lions

Rob Demovsky did a good job complying some quotes from players re: the news that they have the No. 1 ranked defense. And yes, the defense really is that good, so agrees Football Outsiders.

It's funny about the rankings at FO: they have a nearly identical ranking against the pass (-16.3%, No. 3 overall) as against the run (-16.5%, No. 3 overall). At FO, a negative ranking is good for defense and usually one unit is better than the other. For example, the Jets and Eagles have great defenses (both in the top 5), but for both teams, their pass defense is excellent while their run defense is closer to average. The Saints are No. 5 overall, but their league best pass defense is being dragged down by one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.

And the rankings at FO have taken into account that the Packers D has played some of the worst offenses in the NFL (Browns, Lions (twice), Rams, Bears, Bucs). If you look at the shaded column to the right here (follow the link), the defense's actual overall ranking without opponent adjustment is -22.6%, which is several percentage points better than the next best defense: the Eagles at -15.8%.