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Sunday Early Game Open Thread

The Cowboys beat the SaintsFinal score 24-17. I listened and watched a bit of the game, and those 3 Saint turnovers, and the Cowboys going 8 for 15 on 3rd down, seemed to be the difference in the game. The Saints couldn't get the Cowboys off the field, and the Saints couldn't stay on it. Unfortunately it means one of the Packers' wild card opponents, the Cowboys, stays alive. 

It looks like the worst of the storm is about to pass the East coast, and it should be 29 degrees and cloudy for the game. I think better weather is an advantage to the Packers, allowing them to open up the passing game.

With the two games, (49ers at Eagles and Bears at Ravens) moved back to 4 pm EST due to the big snow on the East coast, it's an unusual week with 6 early games, and 6 late games. What early games are you watching? The only game that looks interesting is the Dolphins at Titans, though Falcons at Jets could be good with Ryan and Tucker back today.