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Brief Recap: Green Bay Packers Stunned On Steelers TD With No Time Left On The Clock, 37-36

Emotionally I was all over the place while watching this game. After the Steelers scored on their first play of the game, I thought it wasn't the Packers day. Then they kept trading scores, which made me think the game could go either way, and finally the Packers scored on a TD pass to WR James Jones with 2 minutes left to play. It seemed like they had the Steelers stopped a couple times, deep in their own territory and then around midfield, but they ended up giving the Steelers too many second chances on that final drive.

This was a great game from QB Aaron Rodgers. He threw for 3 TDs and ran for another. He committed no turnovers, and overcame weak pass protection and dropped passes early in the game. RB Ryan Grant had a long TD run, but that was about all the backs provided. In their defense, it appeared that it was the Packers' game plan all along to go with pass heavy strategy (their first 6 plays were all passes).

The special teams had another forgettable game. They didn't have a kick return longer than 25 yards against the worst kick coverage team in the NFL, though the Steelers were trying to kick the ball away from WR Jordy Nelson for some reason. And K Mason Crosby had another missed FG, though it might have been more a poor hold by P Jeremy Kapinos instead of a poor kick by Crosby.

As for the 503 yards passing allowed by the usually great pass defense, the Steelers got big yardage against the weak links in the Packers defense. LB A.J. Hawk was abused early by TE Heath Miller. CB Jarrett Bush got abused early, late, and in-between by WR Mike Wallace, WR Hines Ward, and nearly anybody he covered. Due to injuries in the secondary, recently signed CB Josh Bell was forced into coverage as the dime back, and he failed late when he allowed the game losing TD reception. There are no solutions to this problem, due to injuries throughout the season these are the players they've got, but hopefully they aren't as exposed like this again.

It would have been better for a win, I'm not going to feel safe until it's official they've locked up a wild card spot, but it's obviously not a mortal blow. They still control their own destiny, if win their remaining two games then they're in, and they now have a week 17 matchup with a Cardinals team that just clinched the NFC West division title. Now it's time to forget about this close loss and get ready for the Seahawks next week.