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The Green Bay Packers Work On Christmas Eve

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Did QB Aaron Rodgers get bitten by Seattle's DE Darryl Tapp in their game last year in Seattle? Greg Bedard of the Journal Sentinel has the full story and provided the pictures. I don't see how Tapp could have bitten Rodgers with that facemask. Maybe the grill dug into his arm and felt like a bite.

On a typical game week, the Green Bay Packers practice Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Saturday they work in the gym. Mike McCarthy called Saturday a "walk-through meeting day." But he's giving the staff and players off Friday for Christmas. Also, he said that they would do some work on the practice field on Saturday. So I don't expect the final injury report until Saturday. Right now, it looks like FS Nick Collins and NT Ryan Pickett would be unavailable, but both of them might feel better after a couple days off and some treatment. The defense would be fine for another game without Pickett, but if Collins can't play, it means S Derrick Martin would start instead.

I wrote a column about the Brett Favre/Brad Childress situation on The League Panel of the Washington

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I'll have a preview of the game against Seattle up on Thursday or Friday. The injury report will be on Saturday (see above) as I'll wait to see how all the guys who missed practice on Wednesday are doing. What do you think of the Seahawks chances on Sunday? They've had an awful season, after an awful 2008 season, and they've been bad on the road for a while. They've only won 3 road games over the last 2 seasons (once at San Francisco and twice in St. Louis), and they've looked awful in some of their road losses this season. They "f'n embarrassed themselves" last week, at home, against the Buccaneers. Do they stand any chance against the Packers?