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Brief Recap: Green Bay Packers Crush Seahawks 48-10

With the Green Bay Packers win, and the NY Giants loss to Carolina, the Packers have clinched a wild card playoff spot. It's not home field advantage, but it's a 1st round bye of sorts as they can rest anyone they want next week against the Cardinals. It might seem like a preseason game, with all backups and a generic game plan, as the Packers will likely travel back to Arizona in two weeks for their 1st playoff game. I doubt either the Packers or Cardinals will want to show any strategy they may want to use in the playoffs.

As to the game, by the end of the 1st quarter, it looked like it could turn into a blowout. The Seahawks opened the game by forcing the Packers into a three-and-out. Then they ran the ball 60 yards down the field, but QB Matt Hasselbeck threw an unbelievably bad INT right at LB A.J. Hawk, which set up the Packers first TD. 

Hasselbeck ended the game with 4 INTs. RB Brandon Jackson had a big day and scored 3 TDs (he came into the game with only 2 career TDs).

The Seahawks' offense couldn't get much going all game to put up a challenge. The Packers' offense had a good day running the ball and connected on some big pass plays. The Packers went to their backups in the 4th quarter, while the Seahawks kept their starters in for the entire game, and they still outscored them 10-7 in the quarter. 

A good win against a struggling team, and it won them a playoff berth too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.