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How Will The Packers Play The Cardinals?

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In non-Packer related news, the Wisconsin Badgers are playing in the Champs Bowl tonight on ESPN for those alums (such as myself) who are interested. Bucky's 5th Quarter has done a great series of breakdowns leading up to the game. 

Mike McCarthy handed out game balls and CB Jarrett Bush didn't get one for grabbing his first career INT (on QB Matt Hasselbeck's "37th interception of the day"):

With Brandon Jackson's performance Sunday, would you like to see him get more touches? 
Brandon Jackson played very well yesterday. He played exceptional also in the Pittsburgh game. As far as opportunities, we feel we're fortunate with our whole perimeter group. You just spread the ball around and you like to see guys like Brandon when they get the opportunity take advantage of it. Brandon is going to receive the game ball on offense this week, so I was excited with his performance. 

Who got the other game balls?
Atari BigbySpencer Havner on special teams, Jarius Wynn also got the 'Big Hit' award on special teams, and I think Johnny Jolly

A fantastic catch by Greg Bedard on the Packers' game plan against the Cardinals. McCarthy has been evasive in his last couple press conferences about whether the starters will play. He tracked down McCarthy's comments before the week 17 game in 2007, and compared them to the actual lineup that played:

The pertinent question is, will either team show their whole game plan in the finale? Of course not. It's just McCarthy won't admit that because he thinks it somehow compromise a competitive advantage.

This is the same guy who said going into the 2007 meaningless season finale against the Detroit Lions:

As far as our plan for Detroit, we're going to play to win the game. We will start the football game just like we have every single week up until now. Now, how it will unfold during the course of the game, that has not been decided yet. 

What happened? Seven starters were inactive: Charles Woodson, Korey Hall, Aaron Kampman, Ryan Pickett, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and Donald Lee. Brett Favre played one quarter and two plays until Packers had a 21-3 lead.