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Three Packers Named To The Pro Bowl

From The only member of the Green Bay Packers that was named as a starter was CB Charles Woodson, but QB Aaron Rodgers and FS Nick Collins were also named selections to the NFC Pro Bowl squad. LT Chad Clifton, RB Ryan Grant, LB A.J. Hawk, and LB Clay Matthews were named as alternates.

It's always great when a Packer is named as either a starter or an alternate. But there were a couple head scratchers named as alternates.

Overall the offensive tackles in the NFC have been "an unimpressive bunch" this season, so says Vic Carucci, which might explain why Clifton was named as an alternate. Otherwise, he's struggled with injuries all season, which has led to some inconsistency and some bad games. I've got no idea how Hawk could have been named as an alternate. He's barely played at all in some games this season. How can he even be ahead of LB Nick Barnett? Grant and Matthews are obvious alternates.

Here's the complete listing of rosters for the Pro Bowl. Unfortunately I don't watch a lot of non-Packer NFL football, maybe a total of one game per week, so I've got no idea whether any selection was undeserved or if anyone was snubbed. I was surprised to read Vikings' LT Bryant McKinnie was named a Pro Bowl starter after he was pulled from a game two weeks ago, but for all I know he's been outstanding the rest of the season. Please consider this an open thread if there was anyone who didn't deserve it, or if anyone who was obviously snubbed.