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Packer Restricted Free Agents In An Uncapped Year


GREEN BAY PACKERS: Atari Bigby, S; Will Blackmon, CB; Daryn Colledge, G; Nick Collins, S; Johnny Jolly, DE; John Kuhn, FB; Derrick Martin, S; Jason Spitz, C.

These are players that would have been unrestricted free agents, but will remain restricted if the NFL and the players don't agree on a new collective bargaining agreement before March.

Collins is the big name here. I don't believe this counts all Packer restricted free agents, and it's likely that at least a couple players (maybe Kuhn and Martin) won't be offered a contract. Then they would become unrestricted free agents, but could be resigned later in free agency. 

Do you think all these players should be back in 2010? Collins should be brought back whether he's restricted or not. Colledge is someone I don't want to see back next season. What about the rest of them?