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Packers Sign Toribio, Add Jones To The Practice Squad

The Green Bay Packers finally used LB Jeremy Thompson's roster spot. He suffered a serious neck injury several weeks ago during practice, and it's seemed unlikely for a while that he would return this season. So he's moved to the I.R., and NT Anthony Toribio is added from the practice squad. I was a fan of him this preseason:

He spent a lot of time in opponents' backfields this preseason and I was hoping he grabbed one of the final roster spots. He should be playing somewhere in the NFL, but he might slip through the cracks.

With Toribio's departure from the practice squad, WR Khalil Jones was added. According to, he was with the Falcons this preseason, and according to NFL Draft Scout, Jones was a backup receiver and special teams player with for the Miami Hurricanes.