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Friday Injuries: T.J. Lang and Jeremy Thompson

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Green Bay Packers OL T.J. Lang was absent from Friday's practice because he suffered a concussion during Thursday's practice, according to Mike McCarthy

The more serious injury was the neck stinger suffered by LB Jeremy Thompson on a hit during practice. An ambulance responded to the practice facility. Mike McCarthy didn't have any further information during his press conference, but the Journal-Sentinel reported that Thompson will be kept overnight in the hospital. Hopefully it's just precautionary and Thompson will be back to 100% soon.

As far as the team on the field goes, Lang is the more serious injury. LT Chad Clifton is, according to the Press-Gazette, still struggling with a hamstring injury and it looked like Lang would start on Monday night. According to Jason Wilde, if neither Lang or Clifton can play, undrafted rookie LG Evan Dietrich-Smith would start, and Daryn Colledge would start at left tackle. From Jason Wilde:

"We just talked about this," Colledge said after taking left tackle repetitions with the first team in practice Friday with Lang and Clifton out. "I’m ready to move if I have to, but I truly believe it won’t be a situation like that. I fully expect Chad to play, and I fully expect T.J. to be ready. He’s doing whatever he’s doing right now, but I expect him to find a way to be there on Sunday.

Wilde did report some good news: Clifton seemed better on Friday then on Thursday, and the previous Press-Gazette article was published on Thursday. With Clifton starting, and Colledge at left guard, the o-line will be as it has been for the past couple weeks. I don't have much faith in Colledge's statement about Lang's concussion, and I don't know how it will be handled in light of the NFL's new concussion policy.

One more practice on Saturday, and we'll see who's likely to play on Monday.