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The SB Nation Week 13 NFL Picks and Rankings

The SB Nation writers week 13 NFL picks expect a win for the Green Bay Packers, but our consensus pick on Thursday night was the Bills. Maybe we're like the Tennessee Titans: after our initial losing streak, we then go unbeaten! 

The Packers remain at No. 12 in the week 13 NFL Power Rankings, the worst ranking for any 7-4 team (behind even the 6-5 Steelers) and they were jumped by the 7-4 Broncos (who managed to win at home (wow...) against the free falling Giants). The Packers are being disrespected by the SB Nation NFL writers and better take out my their frustrations on the Ravens this week. 

I don't feel confident at all about my week 13 fantasy picks. Too many injuries, and too much snow in the forecast for Green Bay on Monday. Maybe you'd have better luck with Chet's picks, and maybe it's a good idea not to forget about TE Jermichael Finley on your fantasy roster.