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Brief Recap: Packers Defeat Ravens 27-14

Well I'm exhausted after watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Baltimore Ravens. Man that was a long game with all the passing, timeouts, and lots and lots of penalties. There were many similarities for both teams.

For the Packers: 175(!!!) penalty yards, 3 turnovers, 3.5 yards/carry.

For the Ravens: 135 penalty yards, 4 turnovers, 3.1 yards/carry.

The big difference was QB Aaron Rodgers. While neither team could stop committing penalties and turnovers, and neither team could run the ball, Rodgers was still productive with 3 TD passes, 263 yards, and QB rating of 87.8. Not his best game when you factor in the 2 INTs, but when compared to QB Joe Flacco (1 TD pass, 137 yards, 27.2 QB rating, 3 INTs) it was a clearly superior game.

The defense was outstanding, when they weren't committing penalties. The defense only allowed 185 total yards of offense, which almost equaled the 175 yards the Ravens earned on Packer penalties. They did a great job on the dangerous RB Ray Rice, who only had 71 yards from scrimmage and 1 fumble. CB Tramon Williams had an awful game by committing two pass interference penalties in the end zone, but he did attone for one of them by intercepting Flacco in the end zone.

It was another poor performance by the Packer special teams, with 1 fumble (the Packers did recover it), 1 missed FG, and they allowed a 68 yard kickoff return. But that wasn't enough to swing the game in the Ravens' favor.

Overall, it was a sloppy game, but a good win. The Packers never trailed against a good team that came into the game with a winning record. It was important just to get another W, and keep ahead of the 7-5 Giants for a playoff spot.