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Super Bowl: Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23

That was a hell of a game. Overall, the game played out as I expected; Pittsburgh was the better team, but Arizona had enough offensive fire power to come back and keep it close. But, in no way did I expect Pittsburgh to rally and respond with a last minute TD drive to regain the lead. I thought they would get into field goal range and force it into OT. But WR Santonio Holmes was fantastic on that final drive. He deserved the MVP.

Although both teams deserved to be in the Super Bowl, they beat all the opponents in their paths and earned the right to be there, I thought that neither team was all that much better than the Packers. The Packers didn't deserve to be in the 2009 Super Bowl, they deserved to lose all 10 of the games they lost in 2008, but it won't take much to make some changes, stop losing all those close games, and get them right back among the best teams in the NFL. I'm really looking forward to next season.

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