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Draft Target #2: LB Aaron Curry

Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry is not a player I'm familar with at all. I've never gotten to see him play. But as of February 9th, NFL Draft Scout has him rated as the 2nd best player available. As of the February 2nd mock draft, Football's Future expects him to go to the Packers at number 9.

LB didn't seem like the biggest need a couple weeks ago, after I first read about the switch to a 3-4 defense. The top 4 LBs from last season are returning and Aaron Kampman is moving to outside LB. There didn't seem to be any room for a rookie. Also, I'm not wild about having two top 10 picks in the last four drafts and then using both of them linebackers, which is generally not a position taken in the top 10. GM Ted Thompson could be in danger of becoming to drafting LBs what Matt Millen is to drafting WRs.

But Pat Kirwan at mentioned that that they really need a LaMarr Woodley or DeMarcus Ware type on the outside opposite Kampman. LB Brady Poppinga and LB Brandon Chillar just aren't going to cut it as a fearsome pass rushing outside LB. And he specifically mentioned Curry:

Expect Kampman to be the least of the Packers' issues in the conversion. On the right outside spot, someone must come through as a ferocious pass rusher. Right now, Brady Poppinga and Brandon Chiller are penciled in, but here's a spot that Green Bay's front office might turn to the draft for an impact player. The Chargers drafted Shawne Merriman and the Cowboys took DeMarcus Ware to fill this role in their 3-4 defenses. Expect the Packers to take a long look at Larry English, Aaron Curry and maybe even defensive end conversions such as Everette Brown and Brian Orakpo.