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Deja Vu All Over Again

Only this time, it's different.

Undoubtedly by now, you have heard that Brett Favre has re-retired. Favre, the longtime Green Bay Packer, closed out his career with the Jets with a whimper; a 9-7 record, the league lead in interceptions, and no playoff berth.

Gene Wojciechowski of gives us an article I'm pretty sure he cut-and-pasted from Peter King or Ed Werder that glorifies the good ol' boy, claiming that the NFL will miss him. Jeffri Chadiha, on the other hand, says that he has corrected his mistake from last offseason.

I personally know a few Wisconsinites that, now that Favre is out of the NFL, claim that they can like him again. Some of my friends maintain the stance that he's simply a drama-driven diva that got karmic justice in the failed NYC experiement. Personally, I am rather numb to anything Favre-centric. I made my opinions known last offseason, and there's no need to rehash them here.

I still believe that Favre was one of the top-3 QB's in league history, and certainly the best to ever play in a Packer uniform. But enough was enough 11 months ago...I'm just relieved it's over. It is over...right?