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Free Agent Target #3 - LB/DE Terrell Suggs

I'm just heading down this list of the top unrestricted free agents. Signing Baltimore LB/DE Terrell Suggs might cost a lot of money and cap room. He might not even be available if Baltimore puts the franchise tag on him again. But signing him makes a lot of sense.

Suggs is 26 years old and has played in 3 Pro Bowls, including this year. He's been playing in Baltimore's 3-4 defense and, according to the depth chart, he plays right outside linebacker. Pat Kirwan expects Aaron Kampman will play left outside LB, and that they need someone on at right outside LB who's an improvement over LB Brady Poppinga or LB Brandon Chillar. A young, talented, unrestricted free agent who knows how to play that position sounds like a perfect fit.

There's always risk with a high priced free agent. And Suggs might not be nearly as good a player once he's not playing behind Baltimore's defensive line which was pretty good at occupying blockers and giving him room to work. But he would seem to fit perfectly as the outside linebacker needed to make the conversion to a 3-4 work while replacing the pass rush they lost on the right side when DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila never came back 100% from his knee surgery. Suggs even makes sense as a right defensive end if they choose to give a 4-3 look to their defense at times. I really hope GM Ted Thompson gives Suggs serious consideration.