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Draft Target #3 - OT Eugene Monroe

As of February 11th, Virginia LT Eugene Monroe is the #3 draft prospect according to NFL Draft Scout. And he is one of 16 children! That is one big family.

This is a golden year on the offensive line. Depending on where you look, and when you look, you'll see one of four different offensive tackles at the top of the draft chart. There are four legitimate top 10 left tackles in this draft.

This might not seem like a need. LT Chad Clifton and RT Mark Tauscher each have nine seasons under their belts. They are still playing at a high level. Once Tauscher resigns and recovers from his December ACL injury, he'll be right back as the starting right tackle.

But Clifton is 32, Tauscher is 31, and both of them have a lot of miles and injuries on their bodies (Clifton played through an assortment of injuries last season while Tauscher is recovering from his ACL tear). With a top 10 pick in hand, and at least one of four possible franchise left tackles likely to be available at pick number 9, I would really like to see GM Ted Thompson grab one of them. The Packers haven't drafted an offensive lineman in the 1st round since 1997 (Remember Ross Verba?) So it wouldn't hurt to add a top prospect to the position instead of hoping they get lucky and find a future All-Pro lineman in the 4th round.

Also, I wouldn't mind drafting a young tackle who can start at right tackle, be penciled in as the left tackle of the future, and allow Tauscher to slide over to right guard.

I'm also reminded of former Packer Ken Ruettgers, who was a great left tackle until his body broke down at age 33. I'd rather they draft a great young lineman now, while Clifton and Tauscher can still play. The first thing former GM Ron Wolf did when Ruettgers retired was waste a 1st round draft pick on John Michels.