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Living The Dream

Although it has been semi-interesting watching Mike McCarthy fire the strength and conditioning coach he made a big deal of hiring back in 2006, I've passed on anything about it since then because that kind of thing just isn't as interesting as draft and free agency speculation.

McCarthy reached back once more into his days in Kansas City in the mid-90s and hired Dave Redding, who's been the strength and conditioning coach everywhere Marty Schottenheimer was the head coach between 1984 to 2006. Although Redding grew up in Nebraska, the Packers were his childhood team. How cool would it be to go work for the Packers?

"If Nebraska lost on Saturday and Green Bay lost on Sunday, I was in therapy Monday morning," Redding said of his childhood. "I couldn't go to school. I was just a kid who was obsessed with those two teams. Now if they both won, I got A's all week long, I was the leader, I was doing everything.

"I was out in the alley running wind sprints with my Nebraska jersey on and my Green Bay helmet, and my mom and dad are trying to get me to (come in for) dinner."