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The NFL Combine Is Going On

The first two days of the NFL Combine got underway over the weekend. From a Packers' fan standpoint, it wasn't a very interesting first two days which focused primarily on offensive players.

It seems unlikely the Packers would draft an offensive player in the 1st round. With the switch to a 3-4 defense this offseason, the priority would appear to be adding depth on the defensive line or a top flight outside linebacker. Although there is a lot of talk of drafting Ohio State's CB Malcolm Jenkins, but I hope that is just talk.

If the Packers did think offense first, they might take a look at the depth of talent available on the offensive line. RT Mark Tauscher is currently an unrestricted free agent and rehabbing from a torn ACL. LT Chad Clifton should be fine despite surgery on both knees this offseason, and he should be starting in 2009, but he might not have that many seasons left in the tank. That said, Football's Future says there is no Jake Long in this draft, so there will be some risk with any offensive tackle drafted at 9th overall.

One guy that might be falling is Texas Tech's WR Michael Crabtree. He's been projected to go in the top 5 for the last couple months, at least, but now he might need surgery. It shouldn't keep him out of training camp, but some teams might take an injured player right off their board. GM Ted Thompson showed with his selection of DT Justin Harrell in the 2007 1st round that he'll take an injured player. Although, so far, Harrell's been a bust, so that might not be a good thing either. Another reason I bring up a WR is that Thompson has drafted a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round in all four drafts that he's run as Packers' GM. Maybe he is always looking to upgrade at WR and Crabtree is too good to pass up.

By the way, this entry was written while under the influence of a domestic micro "superbier". So it's to blame for any inaccuracy, typos, or wild speculation. Although the triple ale in question is out of California, I would gladly substitute any brew from my favorite New Glarus brewery (Coffee Stout...yum).