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Talking About Chris Canty, Anthony Weaver, and Sage Rosenfels

  • Dallas DE Chris Canty is a big defensive end who can play in a 3-4. He's an unrestricted free agent and might be a perfect fit in Green Bay's new 3-4 defense. He's going to hit free agency because Dallas isn't meeting his contract demands. But Cowboy fans aren't exactly begging the team to resign him:

    If some team is willing to pay this super average defensive lineman multiple millions more, you grab his face, kiss him on both cheeks and say, "See Ya!!"

  • Grizz over at Blogging the Boys really likes Canty, but admits he isn't worth a huge free agent:

    The problem is Canty has never consistently been able to get past the base stage. Occasionally, he flashes in the backfield of the opposition but not often enough to be thought of as a top-flight DE.

  • The Vikings have been trying to trade for QB Sage Rosenfels for over a year. Seriously. They might have finally pulled it off. Gonzo thinks "It sounds semi-reasonable" but some other Viking fans over at Daily Norseman are not exactly pumped up about the Rosenfels era:
  • WTF are we suppose to make a run at the SUPERBOWL! YES THE SUPERBOWL! With Sage Rosenfels are our guy? Who the f is Sage Rosenfels? A perennial backup? Come on we’re trying to upgrade. If they seriously think Rosenfels is the guy it will be a long and depressing offseason. Say it aint so.

  • Exhibit "A" why the Packers shouldn't bother throwing big free agent money at a 3-4 DE might be Anthony Weaver. Houston signed him from Baltimore in 2006 and gave him $13 million in guaranteed money. From Battle Red Blog, here's what they got for their investment:
  • Not much cap savings, but there's no doubt that this move is long overdue. I have few rules in life. Here's one of them: "Whenever an athlete's name can be prefaced with 'The Corpse Formerly Known As,' it's high time for him to not play for my favorite team anymore." Don't confuse that rule with another of my eerily similar maxims; namely, the one that goes "If a DE has one (1) more sack than a dead man in three (3) years, he earns the qualifier 'The Corpse Formerly Known As (Insert Name).'"