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The Packers Managable List of Free Agents

With one of the youngest teams in the NFL, there aren't a lot of veteran free agent mistakes on the roster and there aren't a lot of unrestricted free agents either. finally got their 2009 free agent list updated.

2009 Exclusive-rights Free Agents (1)
Player Status
CB Tramon Williams Unsigned

It should be automatic that the nickel back will be offered a contract.

2009 Restricted Free Agents (7)
Player Status
S Atari Bigby Unsigned
WR Shaun Bodiford Unsigned
CB Jarrett Bush Unsigned
TE Tory Humphrey Unsigned
DE Jason Hunter Unsigned
FB John Kuhn Unsigned
WR Ruvell Martin Unsigned

Whether you like any of these guys or not, there is no one on this list that will draw a lot of interest from other teams. Bigby would have after the 2007 season, but not after his injury plagued 2008. They will all be offered contracts, but they all might receive the lowest tender allowed.

2009 Unrestricted Free Agents (3)
Player Status
DT Colin Cole Unsigned
DE Michael Montgomery Unsigned
T Mark Tauscher Unsigned

I'm not a fan of Cole, so I hope he isn't pursued. At 276 lbs. Mike Montgomery is undersized as a 3-4 defensive end, so the Packers will probably make no effort to resign him. When healthy, Tauscher is arguably the team's best offensive lineman. I really hope the Packers resign him, but he shouldn't receive a huge contract since I doubt many teams will be pursuing a free agent who just tore his ACL in December.