Free Agency About To Begin!!!

With free agency beginning at 12:01 a.m. et i am very excited to see how things pan out. I myself feel that its rather obvious that we need to make some moves in this years FA. With us transitioning to the 3-4 i think we have a lot the pieces there but it's obvious that there not all there. The two obvious ones being the ROLB and the LDE. This year's FA has good lb's(Angelo Crowell, Andra Davis, Michael Boley, Bart Scott, just to name a few) and solid DE's( Chris Canty, Igor Olshansky, Weaver). I think we need to sign a guy at both of those positions and if not then at least             The o-line is also something we need to adress depending on what TT is planning to do with Clifton and Tauscher. And there are some very solid o-linemen in FA this year.

I also just got done watching nfl live and Schlereth talked about the best get in FA possibly being Derrick Ward. I know we have Grant and dont get me wrong i like him and i think he is a very solid player. But Ward is a big guy who likes to run north-south and has some speed. I think if we could sign him for a reasonable amount that would be huge.

Just my thoughts, please share your opinions

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