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No Contracts For Shaun Bodiford or Tory Humphrey

I think the casual fan would wonder who those guys were. Of the seven restricted free agents this season, all of them were offered a contract for 2009, meaning the Packers retain the right to match any offers for them, except for these two guys:

  • WR Shaun Bodiford. I always rooted for him; disadvantaged kid who was a long shot to make it in the NFL. He was hurt for all of 2008. He's shown some flash as a kick returner, but he's not as good as either Tramon Williams or Will Blackmon, and there is no room for him at receiver.
  • TE Tory Humphrey. He was the early front runner to become the starting TE before the 2007 season, but he got injured that summer and missed the entire season. When he got back in 2008, TE Donald Lee had become entrenched as the starter and they used a 3rd round pick on TE Jermichael Finley. Humphrey was given some touches early in the season as Lee's backup, but after the bye week, Finley started taking his playing time. It wouldn't be a shock to see him return, but it won't be until after the draft or as a future candidate for the practice squad.