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2009 Free Agency Begins - The Packers Target Dallas DE Chris Canty

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A real Packers free agent rumor. Finally! The Packers will talk to Dallas DE Chris Canty, but only after Seattle and the NY Giants get the first crack at him. Canty would have been the backup plan in Washington if they had missed out on Tennessee's DT Albert Haynesworth. Probably a few teams see Canty as their backup plan if they miss on Big Albert. I expect Canty to sign in Seattle or New York before he ever comes to Green Bay.

Speaking of Haynesworth, I see his $100 million deal is really a 4 year, $48 million deal. It's still remarkable because $41 million of it is guaranteed, and NFL contracts are rarely guaranteed. It reminded me of when DE Reggie White was signed to a guaranteed 4 year, $17 million deal in Green Bay. It wasn't the biggest deal, on paper, but just like Haynesworth it was shocking to see a huge guaranteed contract. Is Haynesworth to Washington what White was in Green Bay?

Baltimore's LB Bart Scott wasn't someone the Packers needed, and he's way overpaid. But he might actually be worth it to the Jets as they transition to new head coach Rex Ryan. He knows the defense, since they were both in Baltimore the past couple seasons, and he gives the Jets an experienced defensive QB.

I love the 49ers possible pursuit of Arizona's QB Kurt Warner. It would greatly weaken their best division rival, and should help them in help them in 2009. Although it's not too hard to upgrade from QB Shaun Hill.

S Atari Bigby isn't going anywhere. No team will surrender a 2nd round pick to sign him. And it only cost the Packers $1.5 million in cap room; he won't get paid until he starts collecting game checks. The other restricted free agents, WR Ruvell Martin, CB/S Jarrett Bush, FB John Kuhn and OLB Jason Hunter, all received the lowest tender so the Packers will receive no compensation if they sign elsewhere. Only Martin would be a loss. He's good, he'd be a solid number 3 WR for a number of teams, but he's only the 5th WR (at best) on the Packers and I doubt they'd match any offer