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Free Agent Target #1: DT Albert Haynesworth

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He's the top free agent on this list, and probably on nearly every other list too. He's arguably been the best defensive player in the NFL over the last two seasons, and every Packer fan that spent the 2008 season watching the Packers' defensive line get rolled over by opposing running backs has probably been eyeing Big Albert for months.

Titans' fans have come to accept that he's been great, and he's probably gone. He'll probably get bigger money somewhere other than in Tennessee, and he's announced publicily that it's time to Show Me The Money.

At least one Titans fan is wondering about his motivation:

To my mind his first adult moment was probably right after that head-stomp. Sure, the past 2 and a half years could have all been an act to get paid, but I get the feeling he learned a lot that day. I think he’s got too much pride to give-up after a big check.

And as we are reminded above, don't forget about the head-stomp.

This guy is a big risk. Not because of his talent; he's one of the best (if not the best) defensive tackle in the NFL, he's only 28 years old, and defensive lineman age slowly. Since defensive tackles don't rely on speed, which is usually the first thing to go for a player, good DTs (think Minnesota's DT Pat Williams as one example) are still good into their 30s. Assuming he avoids major injuries, he'll hold up well.

But he might require the biggest contract, the most guaranteed money, that any player has ever received. All it takes is one team to offer him a crazy contract, believing that he is the one player that they need or the one player who will save the GM's job.

Still, Big Albert might be worth it. But it won't happen. GM Ted Thompson hasn't shown any sign that he's willing to get crazy with a free agent contract. Even the biggest free agent, from another team, that he's ever signed (CB Charles Woodson) was essentially signed to a 1 year contract (although it was officially a 6 year contract). If Woodson didn't work out, then the Packers could have gotten rid of him after the 2006 season with only a slight cap hit. I don't expect Thompson will go anywhere near Haynesworth.