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Free Agent Target #2 - Oakland CB Nnamdi Asomugha

I'm running down this list of the top free agent targets. I don't agree with all it's rankings, but it is as good as anything.

Some people might not know about CB Nnamdi Asomugha because he doesn't rack up a lot of stats. He only had 1 INT and 9 Pass Defenses in 2008, which doesn't exactly sound like a Pro Bowl season. But opposing teams look at the soft Oakland defense and decide to throw anywhere near Asomugha. Football Outsiders only tracked 26 passes thrown at him in 2008, which is about a dozen fewer attempts as any other CB on their top 10 list. You know Oakland's defense had to have been on the field a lot in 2008. He's arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.

And according to Jason Jones, he isn't getting anywhere near free agency. He's getting the franchise tag for the second year in a row.

But on a side note, he does mention another interesting point:

The team is likely to cut S Michael Huff, something he also expects.

Huff was the 7th player taken in the 2006 draft, two spots behind LB A.J. Hawk, so it's likely GM Ted Thompson spent some time evaluating him before the draft. Also, Darren Perry was just hired to coach the safeties and he was Huff's coach last season. That's going to be a very good source of information. Huff might be a bust, released by his first team after only three seasons, but it can take players some time to figure out how to play safety in the NFL. S Nick Collins was ok his first three seasons, but turned into a Pro Bowl player in his fourth. Same for S Darren Sharper.

Huff could play two roles. It isn't clear who will play alongside Collins next season, 2008 was a lost season for both S Atari Bigby and S Aaron Rouse, and Huff could compete for the job. Also, Collins isn't signed past 2009 and Huff might be a Plan B if Collins decides to bolt (not that I'm expecting that). Either way, Huff might be a good low risk, high reward signing.