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NFC North - Saturday Free Agent Roundup

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Green Bay Packers. Crickets chirping...Well there is one rumor.

Chicago Bears.

Detroit Lions. I expected they would be slow to move in free agency, but instead they are doing all they can. They might not be getting quality players, but they are getting guys who can plug some holes.

  • Traded QB Jon Kitna to Dallas for CB Anthony Henry. 2008 was the worst season of Henry's career and he was going to lose his starting CB job in Dallas. It's hard to get excited about a declining 32 year old CB, but the Lions need two new starting CBs and Henry only cost them a veteran QB that had no future in Detroit. The 36 year old Kitna heads up a youth movement at the backup QB spot in Big D; replacing the recently released 40 year old QB Brad Johnson.
  • They signed former Tennessee CB Eric King as the backup/nickel cornerback. More help/depth for their secondary, but it's hard to imagine great things from a 5'8" cornerback.
  • Also, former 49ers and Cardinal WR Bryant Johnson was signed to start alongside WR Calvin Johnson. Football Outsiders says he was perfectly average last season, which is probably an upgrade over what they currently have.

Minnesota Vikings.