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Losing Out On Chris Canty

The only free agent that had been scheduled to visit Green Bay, Dallas DE Chris Canty, has been taken off the market. New York signed him for 6 years, $42 million, with $17 million guaranteed.

The Packers could have afforded him, and he would have solidified the left defensive end spot vacated by DE Aaron Kampman as he converts to left outside linebacker. But over at Blogging The Boys they said "Canty's was one of Dallas' biggest problems the past few seasons." Dallas, one of the leaders in insane free agent contracts, see WR Roy Williams and LG Leonard Davis, wouldn't pay him that much money.

The Packers didn't lose out on a special talent, and they can find players like him at any time in the draft, or maybe even as an undrafted free agent. Bring in a few guys with the same size and athleticism as Canty and see if any of them work out.

One other thing to dislike about this contract. There was some resentment in the Packers' locker room before the 2006 season after Kampman got his current 4 year contract. It didn't seem like he was worth it. He had resigned in 2005 for 1 year and $1.5 million, so it was a substantial raise. Plus, 2005 was his first full season as a starter, his great 2006 - 2008 seasons have proven that he was well worth the money. But Canty was sure to feel some of that if he had entered the Packers' locker room as the 2nd highest paid player on the team, behind only QB Aaron Rodgers, on a roster with four current or past Pro Bowl performers while Canty has never been anywhere near the Pro Bowl.