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The Frugal Signing of FS Anthony Smith

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Free agent FS Anthony Smith was one of two backup safeties the Packers were considering. It probably made little difference which one signed in Green Bay. The other one, Cleveland FS Mike Adams got a seven figure signing bonus to stay in Cleveland. Smith barely made it to six figures:

"A source with access to the contract signed by Smith said it was for two years and contained a bonus of $100,000.

Mike Adams, another safety considered by the Packers, went back to Cleveland last week for a three-year, $4.1 million deal. His contract contained a $1.25 million signing bonus and $250,000 in guaranteed base salary."

GM Ted Thompson sure knows how to drive a bargain.

CB/S Jarrett Bush update. With Smith signed, it doesn't seem necessary to keep Bush around. He really didn't play well last season. For every good play he made on special teams, he seemed to draw a hold on kick coverage or a stupid 15 yard penalty. He's drawn interest in Tennessee, where they need to add depth in the secondary. And in Baltimore, where they are basically reloading their entire secondary. Last season Baltimore signed former Packer CB Frank Walker as a free agent, and he had a pretty good 2008 season, so maybe they like signing former Packers.