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When Will RT Mark Tauscher Resign?

The Packers only notable unrestricted free agent is starting RT Mark Tauscher. Since he tore his ACL last December, it wasn't likely that he would be in high demand. Still, I haven't read anything about his return. Is his asking price too high? Are the Packers not really interested in bringing him back? None of the players on the bench are better than a healthy Tauscher. Has GM Ted Thompson moved on and ready to target his replacement in the April draft?

The last I read, back in February, was that he was expected back:

Tauscher is the Packers’ only impending unrestricted free agent of note, and the odds of him returning to the Packers this year probably went up, not down, when he underwent knee-reconstruction surgery this offseason that will greatly diminish his value on the open market.