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Mike Montgomery and Jason Hunter resign

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The Packers continue their free agent quest to sign as many backups as possible:

The Packers view Montgomery as a reserve end in their new 3-4 defense. Hunter will be asked to contribute substantially on special teams as he makes the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker.

Hunter signed his 1 year, $1 million tender offer as a restricted free agent. But Montgomery was an unrestricted free agent and he got a 2 year contract.

I expected both players to be gone as the new coaching staff brings the 3-4 defense to town because both are undersized for a 3-4 defensive end. The previous coaches did try and get Montgomery to add some bulk last season so he could play inside on passing downs, but he doesn't seem able to get any bigger than 270 lbs. 300 lbs. would be ideal in a 3-4.

Montgomery did share a little preview of the Packers defensive scheme in 2009:

After discussions with the coaches, Montgomery said the ends might be lined up head-up on the tackle but their one-gap responsibilities either will be the inside or outside gap. Two-gapping, he was told, will be at a minimum.

Montgomery was ok against the run last season, and provided some pass rush. Hunter was a situational pass rusher who rarely got to the quarterback. Neither one will have a big impact in 2009, they've both been on the roster for the last three seasons and haven't managed it so far.