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Ex-Packer Darren Sharper Is Now A Saint

In a move that had been rumored for a while, New Orleans signed former Packer Pro Bowl FS Darren Sharper:

Anyways, seeing Sharper leave brings up a lot of the feelings I had when Matt Birk left a couple weeks ago. It was fairly obvious that Sharper was bound to leave us after the 2008 season, but I still held onto the hope that he might stick around...So Darren, just like I had to tell Matt a couple weeks ago: thanks for the great years you gave us, and good luck in the future, unless that future involves playing the Vikings.

The Vikings have lost two of their better known players, Sharper and former Pro Bowl C Matt Birk, recently in free agency. They probably made the right move by letting both players leave; their best days are behind them. The problem is that they now have to try and replace them. It isn't obvious they have a future Pro Bowl safety or center on the roster to fill the void.