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Mocking The Mock Draft

I'll do plenty of speculation about who the Packers should draft but I rarely try and guess for other teams. I'll discuss the other NFC North teams because I know a little bit more about them and it has a direct impact on the Packers. But I just don't know enough about any other NFL team to say who they should pick.

The trouble with most mock drafts is that they spend too much time scouting players and too little time scouting teams. As of March 8th, the SB Nation site Mocking The Draft says the Packers will draft CB Malcolm Jenkins:

Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State: Jenkins is probably sliding down team's draft boards after running poorly at the Combine, but the proof of his play is on tape. By drafting Jenkins, Green Bay has the option of moving Charles Woodson to safety, which is probably for the best.

Dan does a great job over at Mocking The Draft, but I don't agree at all. Woodson was great last season at cornerback and he was actually worse at safety, although he probably be fine at safety if given the offseason to prepare for it.

Here's who I would like to see the Packers draft (in no particular order):

  • OT Michael Oher. With RT Mark Tauscher still unsigned, there is a big hole at right tackle. There are some other guys would could compete for the job (Tony Moll, Josh Sitton, Allen Barbre, Breno Giacomini) but none of them been obviously good when given the chance. OT Andre Smith should still be available at number 9, but he's too much of a head case. Neither Baylor OL Jason Smith or Virginia OL Eugene Monroe should fall to nine. If Tauscher does resign, and the Packers are sure he can play in 2009, then this isn't an area of need.
  • DT B.J. Raji. I had been content to let NT Ryan Pickett and NT Johnny Jolly rotate in at nose tackle and have been waiting for GM Ted Thompson to sign some veteran 300 lb. defensive lineman late in free agency to play at OLB Aaron Kampman's old spot. But Raji sounds too talented to pass up. Unfortunately, the more I read about him, the more convinced I am that he'll be drafted before the Packers can select him at number 9.
  • OLB Brian Orakpo/OLB Everette Brown. These guys are interchangable to me; a 6'3", 260 lb. college defensive end that would play outside LB and provide a pass rush opposite Kampman. Both players may be gone by number 9 or both might be still available depending on which mock draft you're reading.

This draft might be the most frustrating draft in the past several years. There is absolutely no sure picks in the top 10. Baylor OT Jason Smith and Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry will go somewhere in the top 5, but any of the other players could fall to the Packers at number 9. Most mock drafts have Georgia QB Matthew Stafford going number 1 to Detroit, but if they don't pick him, he could have an Aaron Rodgers type free fall.