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In A Tough Spot With RT Mark Tauscher

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RT Mark Tauscher has done nothing over his career to lose his starting job. Except he blew out his ACL last December. Mike McCarthy stated the obvious problem:

"It's a medical condition. What (was) it, Week 12, Week 13?" McCarthy said of the injury, which occurred against the Houston Texans on Dec. 7. "It's a late injury. You do the math, and you're looking Oct. 1 (at his return). That's what the math tells you."

So if the Packers do resign him with the intent of letting him remain the starter, then they have to let someone else start the first few games of the season. As of this moment, that someone would be OL Tony Moll, who replaced Tauscher down the stretch last season.

Most of the time Moll looks like a Tauscher clone. Steady, unspectacular play. But every once in a while, Moll has a bone headed penalty or blown play. He's a great reserve, but I'm not sold on him as a starter. Going from Tauscher to Moll is a step back.

But we're only talking about a few games. Maybe. Tauscher should come back from his injury just fine, but sometimes there are complications like with QB Tom Brady's ACL recovery. That's a problem If he doesn't come back or comes back at less than 100%.

The Packers could use the top pick, or their 2nd round pick (41st overall) to draft a offensive tackle. The rookie can play if Tauscher can't go, assuming said rookie could even beat out Tony Moll at first. And then the rookie can go the bench when Tauscher returns healthy and he'll have time to develop to replace either LT Chad Clifton or Tauscher in a couple seasons.

Or the rookie, or Tauscher, could compete for the right guard spot. RG Jason Spitz has started a lot at that position over the past three seasons, but he's no lock at the position either.