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SB Nation's Acme Packing Company's First Inaugural Annual Yearly April Pre-Draft Pro-Am Celebrity Reader Submission Contest

...For The Cure.

Over the course of our many conversations, Brandon and I discovered that, gosh darn it, there's just no obvious answer to the all-important question: Who are the Packers going to draft?  We've tried to peg it down to a player that both fills a need and has top-10 talent, but it's like chasing down Usain Bolt.  It simply cannot be done by one man.  But an angry mob?  You better believe they could do it. 

So we're going to appeal to the closest thing to an angry mob: the Acme Packing Company community!  Have you ever wished that you could see your articulated thoughts emblazoned on the front page of a prominent web site?  Have you ever dreamed of impressing your peers with your vast knowledge of the sport?  Have you ever just wanted to completely overwhelm and destroy a writer who keeps plugging an unpopular move?  Well here's your chance!

Here's what we're looking for: regular readers of the site get to choose a rookie prospect and write a short piece on why they think they should be Packers.  People like jobe, Adam P, bizzle4, Green and Bold, Jabooty, Jarlsberg, rhys, ol Pete, and anyone else whose monikers I haven't memorized; this is your time to shine!

Here's a few rules and such:

  • Choose a position.  The Pack has needs.  Unfortunately, you only get to pick one to fill.  Don't write about both Brian Orakpo and Eugene Monroe.
  • Stick to your guy.  Make sure you pick someone you firmly believe would be a solid pick at number 9.  If you don't like Andre Smith, don't pick him and talk about how Michael Oher would be better.
  • Back up your claims.  Stats, graphs, videos, links, articles, quotes, and other multimedia are encouraged.  Don't write about Malcom Jenkins and use "he's a good player" as your foundation.
  • Be reasonable.  You might think Matt Stafford would be a great fit for the Packers.  Unfortunately, the chances of Stafford ending up in Green Bay are about as slim as Ryan Leaf's.  Make sure you focus on a player who a) plays a position the Packers are looking to fill and b) will be available when the Packers pick.
  • Get creative.  Are you convinced that B.J. Raji is the guy, but you're worried that he won't be available at the ninth spot?  No problem, just come up with a feasible draft-day trade scenario.  Just because Ted Thompson won't trade up doesn't mean you can't!

Interested?  E-mail either Brandon or myself with your submission.  The deadline is Monday, April 20th.  We'll run the best submissions during the week leading up to the draft.

Go forth, angry mob.  Choose our first pick!