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New Packer OL Duke Preston's Contract

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Yea, yea...Duke Preston does not equal Duke basketball.

But SB Nation now has a license to post AP pictures, and I had to post one. Unfortunately, we are only receiving AP pictures going forward, not from last football season, and AP's photographers haven't seen any football players in a couple months.

After I posted my original article on the signing of free agent OL Duke Preston, I received an email from a Bills' fan informing me that Buffalo had wanted to resign him, but he turned them down in favor of the Packers.

But now the details of his contract were disclosed and he received a 2 year, $2 million contract, with no guaranteed money. He'll get a roster bonus of $150,000 at some point. If he comes in during mini-camps and is awful, he's gone with no salary cap cost. Even if he's cut at the end of training camp, at worst the Packers are out $150,000 with the same amount as a cap charge in 2009. I'm still leery about the signing because I'm afraid they view him as a potential starter, but that's a no risk deal.

With those contract details, it's clear the Bills weren't trying to resign him. If a guy starts 11 games for you last season, you don't offer him a contract with no guaranteed money, no matter how bad he played.