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Cleveland SS Mike Adams Visits Green Bay

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My first thought was why bother visiting with a safety that I had never heard of who played on an awful defense last season. But Cleveland's defense wasn't too bad last season; Football Outsiders says their secondary was average in 2008.

Also note the SS label at attached to Mike Adams. When Bob Sanders was running the defense, the safeties were interchangeable. Atari Bigby and Nick Collins basically played the same role. But with Dom Capers as the defensive coordinator, I would expect that is going to change and Adams might fill a need. Also, he played in a 3-4 defense last season in Cleveland, so he might have a quicker transition. Bigby was just tendered a $1.5 million contract which says he's expected to bounce back from an injury plagued 2008 season and start alongside Collins. But Adams would provide some depth at a position that could use it.

He started the first five games during 2008 in Cleveland before getting sent to the bench. Apparently he was playing out of position, and fans in Cleveland would like to see him come back:

"Mike Adams; (608 K) 27 YO Adams was abused early in the year mostly because he was playing out of position.  He is a number three safety at best and was being used in a nickel role.  He is a free agent and if the price is right I would like the Browns to bring him back."