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The Interest In LB Kevin Burnett and LB Clark Haggans

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There are rumors that the Packers are interested in a couple of middle linebackers; Dallas LB Kevin Burnett and Arizona LB Clark Haggans. In Burnett's 4 year career, he's started 4 games and has 4 career sacks. Haggans was a starter in Pittsburgh from 2003-2007, but a backup last season in Arizona. Both guys are backups; Burnett may never be anything more than a backup and Haggans days as a starter appear behind him.

I've got nothing against either of them, but I'm not sure what role the Packers have to offer them. Maybe GM Ted Thompson is looking at one of them as insurance in case LB Nick Barnett comes back slowly from his knee surgery. Assuming Barnett is healthy, he would start ahead of either of them and LB A.J. Hawk will start in the middle alongside them. I doubt either would be signed to start at right outside LB; a position I hope they fill early in the April draft. Backup LB Brandon Chillar appears to be similar to both of them; good coverage skills, little pass rush skills, and best suited to play at inside LB. They would, at best, be offered the fourth inside LB spot, which is probably not the first choice for either player.

It seems the Packers interest now is just building the groundwork. Letting the player know that they are interested, and if you can't find a starting job anywhere else, keep us in mind because we've got a backup role to offer. Both players might also improve the special teams kick coverage.