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Free Agency Around The NFC North

Minnesota Vikings. It's been a bummer week in Minneapolis.

  • They missed out on WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh. It's understandable to question why they really needed to make this move; they would be spending a lot of money to assemble a group of average receivers. But the idea of Housh and WR Bernard Berrian catching passes from QB Sage Rosenfels must have sounded appealing. They would be much better as a group then each player is on their own; especially as teams are focused primarily on stopping RB Adrian Peterson.
  • Then they lost former Pro Bowl C Matt Birk. He leaves a huge hole on the offensive line, but he isn't the great player he was a few seasons ago. It's a step back, but not a huge one and Viking fans aren't devastated.

Detroit Lions. I thought they would be quiet early in free agency, instead waiting to find the disappointed losers in free agency who would be desperate to find a starting job. Instead they've jumped in head first and been very aggressive at signing a bunch of mediocrity for several million each.

  • Signing RB Maurice Morris remains their best move, but again he won't be sending shivers of fear around the NFC North either. 
  • Then they signed CB Eric King and signed WR Bryant Johnson. Neither one provides much, but shows how years of bad Matt Millen drafts have left them starved for talent.
  • Did you know that former Packer NT Grady Jackson is still playing in the NFL? Now he plays in Detroit. He actually still has some value as a guy who can take up room in the middle of the defense, Detroit was seriously undersized in the middle last season. But again he offers little hope for the future and was signed because they've got no better options.
  • CB Phillip Buchanon was a former 1st round pick who flamed out in Oakland. Then he was traded to Houston and he was a disaster there too. He was given one last chance in Tampa, and he did a good job there over the last two seasons. But he was much better in 2007 then 2008. Was his professional rebirth in Tampa real? Or was it a Monte Kiffin illusion? Detroit will pay Buchanon $8 million to find out. Again, Detroit had to find a starting cornerback in free agency and only had so many options.

Chicago Bears. They've signed one more free agent then the Packers...