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How Bad Was Terrell Owens Last Season?

We got side tracked on the previous post about free agency around the NFC North, and brought up the well known release of WR Terrell Owens. packallday55 made an interesting comment in regards to Minnesota's potential interest in Owens, which will never happen, since they lost out on WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh:

no they would probably not. Childress was on the eagles staff when TO was there and many people have said they were not to found of each other. Plus TO is 35 and last year it depfinitely showed. I don’t know is Housh is comparable to TO either haha..

You won't hear it on ESPN as they gush about Owens' physical ability, but the guy is 35 years old and he didn't have a good 2008 season. Fantasy wise he looked good with over 1000 yards and 10 TDs, but Football Outsiders had him ranked as the 46th best receiver in 2008, way behind Housh. Here's how poorly he measures up to Housh, according to Football Outsiders stats, and I threw in WR Greg Jennings for comparison:

Receiver Pass Attempts Catch Rate Yards TD FO Rank
Greg Jennings 140 57% 1291 9 12
T.J. Houshmandzadeh 137 67% 904 4 23
Terrell Owens 139 50% 1052 10 46

Owens' big problem is that Dallas had to throw the ball his way 139 times last season to rack up his 1052 yards and 10 TDs. And half of those attempts resulted in zero yards. For comparison, Rodgers threw the ball to Jennings 140 times last season, but Jennings had about 250 more receiving yards than Owens. Think about how much that is; a 250 yard passing game is one great passing game that was lost by Dallas last season because they had Owens instead of someone like Jennings. Obviously Dallas isn't adding someone as good as Jennings to make up for releasing Owens, but that just goes to show how wide the gap is between Owens and a truly great wide receiver.