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The Packers Corner The Backup Safety Market

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It's getting depressing watching the Packers go after no name backup free agent safeties:

"The 6-1, 200-pound Smith played sparingly in 14 games last year, finishing with just nine tackles. The previous year, he started 10 of 16 games after filling in for Clark, who had a spleen injury. He had 69 tackles and two interceptions.

But Smith didn't quite fit the type of free safety LeBeau wanted and so Clark became the starter last year. Smith can play both strong and free safety, but he plays aggressively, which is not how the Steelers want their free safety to play. They prefer he play deep."

Pittsburgh didn't even bother to tender FS Anthony Smith a contract. This after FS Mike Adams came in for an earlier visit.

Tom Silverstein kicks around the idea that the pair are being considered as insurance in case either SS Atari Bigby or FS Nick Collins leave in free agency after 2009. The idea of Smith or Adams taking over the starting job from Collins is like downsizing from a Mercedes to a Schwinn. I hope that isn't something GM Ted Thompson is seriously considering. That's the type of move that would lead to more booing at Fan Fest.

There's nothing wrong with either player as a potential replacement for either backup S/CB Jarrett Bush or S Charlie Peprah, but they should only be considered starters in case of emergency.