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Signing Free Agent S Anthony Smith from Pittsburgh

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Free agent FS Anthony Smith was signed on Friday to a "modest" multi-year contract. He was a 3rd round 2006 draft choice by Pittsburgh and started 14 games in 2006 and 2007. He probably got a contract in the range of 2 year, $4 million or 3 year, $5 million. Obviously this isn't a big signing, but this does solve a minor problem from last season.

Pro Bowl FS Nick Collins and SS Atari Bigby are the starters. S Aaron Rouse took a step back in 2008, but he's probably safe as the top backup. But last season, when Bigby and Rouse were knocked out by injuries, the Packers moved CB Charles Woodson to safety and it wasn't a big success. The pass defense struggled in a couple games at home against Carolina and Houston with Woodson at safety. This isn't a knock on Woodson, but he was asked to change position on the fly and it showed. Backup S Charlie Peprah and S Jarrett Bush were apparently never considered for a starting job.

Smith wasn't signed to compete, or replace, Collins or Bigby. He might not even move ahead of Rouse. But Smith gives them someone to start behind the top 3. This means Peprah and Bush will be hard pressed to keep their spots on the roster. Bush has already taken a trip to Tennessee because he's probably done in Green Bay.

He was signed to fill a real need at backup safety, and in that regard this was a good signing.