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The Potential CB Tramon Williams Holdout

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Most exclusive rights free agents are completely at the mercy of their team. They can't visit or talk with any other team and just have to take what the team has offered. But CB Tramon Williams' agent thinks his client can do better:

But agent Rodney Williams of Katy, Texas, made it clear last week that his client deserves to be paid in 2009 at a rate commensurate with other emerging young players at his position.

He's crazy. This is because RB Ryan Grant was an exclusive rights free agent last season, held out, and was given a big 4 year contract. But that was after Grant's incredible 2007 season. I consider Grant's situation similar to what happened with Pro Bowl TE Antonio Gates a few years ago in San Diego. It was obviously unfair to lump Grant or Gates in with a typical exclusive rights free agent. Williams is pretty good, but he doesn't fall into that class of player.

If anything, Grant's contract has proven to be a mistake given his poor 2008 season. The Packers should never give into an exclusive rights free agent again.

Williams will hear it from his teammates and coaches if he skips voluntary or mandatory off season activities because he's upset with his contract. He needs to sign, work his butt off to keep his status as the nickel back and learn the new defensive scheme, and use that to get a serious offer from another team when he becomes a restricted free agent.