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Denver Will Trade QB Jay Cutler

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Greg Bedard at thinks a QB Jay Cutler trade might hurt the Packers if one of the NFC North teams gets him. True, but some team will have to give up a lot to get him. Also, the Vikings might not be able to financially afford such a move due to the down economy and they had to go get extra money from their owners last year to pull off the DE Jared Allen trade. I'm not concerned about Cutler in the NFC North, yet.

I'm no Denver fan, but I hate to see any NFL team trash their franchise. And that's what trading Cutler would do to Denver. They could still compete, the AFC West will probably be the worst division again in 2009, but they'll be a bad team. Their defense is awful. And their offense would probably be awful without Cutler. They're an old team too. LT Ryan Clady and WR Brandon Marshall are two very talented young players, but overall that's a veteran team. They could reload over the next couple seasons with some good drafts and remain competitive with Cutler at QB. But they are going to fall on hard times without him.